Simple Cremation

Simple, or direct, cremation involves a cremation and return of cremated remains without additional services. A simple cremation may be chosen to limit funeral costs or when a family is planning a memorial service at a location with special meaning to them. Delta Funeral Home is pleased to make arrangments for simple cremation and ensure your loved one is handled with dignity.

Cremation with Funeral Service

Choosing cremation does not limit options for funeral services. Delta Funeral Home Cooper schedules cremation following a complete funeral service for families that wish to memorialize the deceased with a traditional service or to confer final rites in a religious funeral. When cremation is chosen with a funeral service, the deceased is often embalmed. The deceased is placed in a casket for the viewing and funeral. Delta Funeral Home plans funerals in their Cooper chapel, or at the family's house of worship.

Cremation with Memorial Service

A memorial service is an oft chosen option following cremation. Delta Funeral Home offers memorial services in their Cooper chapel. Families may also choose a secular place with special meaning for a memorial service. Memorial services often include music, readings, and speeches, giving a focus to a gathering of family and friends.

Choose a Delta Funeral Home cremation:

Cremation Costs. At about one-fourth the cost of the average funeral, low cost cremation is an affordable alternative.
Simplicity. A Cooper cremation can be arranged without any other services, greatly simplifying final needs and reducing the number of decisions to be made.
Flexibility. Delta Funeral Home cremations can be matched with funeral or memorial services. No matter your choice, Delta Funeral Home ensures cremation is handled with dignity and respect, with services that best match each family's needs.